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TonePros Nashville Bridge/Tailpiece Set Gold

TonePros Nashville Bridge/Tailpiece Set Gold

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Part Number:LPGM04-GLD
TonePros Standard (US/Imperial Thread) Bridge/Tailpiece Set w/ T3BP Bridge & T1ZS Tailpiece - Gold Finish

Model:     LPGM04-GLD

Fits USA Gibson Guitars. Does not fit Epiphone and Import Guitars. For Epiphone and import guitars, please check out model LPGM02-GLD in my store.

The T3BP Bridge is a locking version of the Nashville type standard small post and threaded insert as found standard on current USA Gibson Les Paul GT and Gibson SG GT models. (Same format as LP Standard & LP Custom).  Pre- notched saddles for easy installation. Direct retrofit for most USA guitars without modification.

The T1ZS Tailpiece is a standard style Locking Stop Bar Tailpiece. Fits most Tune-O-Matic Style guitars. The T1ZS features standard US threads that fit most USA guitars.
Tone Pros components completely solidify your instrument!  Your System II bridge will not only just stay on, our system solidifies your bridge in place like stone! In most cases after installation and adjustment, your bridge and tailpiece will not move or “wiggle” at all. Because of our design, even play or movement in the threads is reduced so that when you adjust your action and intonation, it is set and solid. This of course improves your sustain and tonal qualities, makes harmonics “jump” out of your guitar, and causes your instrument to play and stay in tune better.

The TonePros System II Bridge and Tailpiece components come as a package
set, ready to install on your guitar. The package includes:

1. TonePros Patent Issued System II Bridge with matching threaded adjustment posts.

2. TonePros Patent Issued System II Tailpiece with matching threaded adjustment studs.

3. Allen style adjustment tool for use with both bridge and tailpiece.

The LPG04 includes the TonePros T3BP Bridge and T1ZS Tailpiece. These matched bridge and tailpiece are Standard thread and fit most USA guitars without modification.

Ships by Priority Mail with full insurance

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