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Telecaster Gold Cabronita Wiring Harness

Telecaster Gold Cabronita Wiring Harness

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Part Number:TCWH-GLD
This is an upgraded Cabronita harness using a WD Music 500k concentric pot with Gold knobs and a Gold 3-way short frame toggle switch with Gold tip. The Switchcraft jack also has a Gold finish The pot is wired up so the top knob is the tone and the bottom ring knob is the volume. This configuration makes it easier to roll the volume.

The concentric pot has a 3/8” threaded bushing, so it will work for through body or control plate or pickguard.


Gold 3 Way Toggle Switch with Gold metal switch tip .

WD Music 500k concentric Potentiometer with Gold knobs.

Gold finish Switchcraft #11 Jack.

Sprague Orange Drop Capacitor 200v .022uf.

470k resistor across the tone control (reduces the tone control to 250k instead of 500k)

Gavitt Vintage Cloth push-back wire

2-1/2” center to center spacing with some wiggle room if needed.

Includes a pre-soldered ground wire for the bridge and 3 pigtail wires with heat shrink tubing for hooking up your pickups.

This harness has been hooked up to a guitar on my bench and has checked out 100%

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