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Stratocaster 5-Way Wiring Harness with Grease Bucket Tone Circuit

Stratocaster 5-Way Wiring Harness with Grease Bucket Tone Circuit

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Part Number:ST5WH-GB
New Premium Wiring Harness for Stratocaster CTS, Orange Drop 5 Way CRL Treble Bleed

This is a professionally built pre-wired Stratocaster wiring harness upgrade for American or Mexican Fender Stratocasters.

Original CRL 5-way USA Switch (Considered by most guitarists and guitar  builders as the 1st choice for a Stratocaster)

  • 3 x CTS 250K Pots Brass Shafts

  • 2 x Sprague 200v .022uF  Orange Drop Capacitors
  • 1 x .1uf Ceramic disc Capacitor      
  • 1 x 1/4 watt Resistor, 4.7k-ohm with 1% tolerance            
  • Gavitt Vintage Style Cloth push-back Wire
  • Switchcraft Jack
  • Genuine Fender Vintage Stratocaster Aluminum Shield for mounting under the Pickguard.
  • Volume Treble Bleed Mod (150k-ohm Stew-Mac resistor and .001uF Cap)
  • I also include a soldered wire from the volume pot, to hook up to your Tremolo claw
Atlantic Custom Guitars hand wired Strat harness featuring all top shelf components. It's pre-wired and ready to drop into your guitar to upgrade your tone.
The front tone is wired for the neck and middle pickup. The bottom tone has the Grease Bucket circuit for the bridge pickup.

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