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Kluson Locking Tuners 3x3 Schaller style Knob. Chrome

Kluson Locking Tuners 3x3 Schaller style Knob. Chrome

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Part Number:KL-3801C

The Kluson Contemporary Series 19:1 ratio locking tuning machine uses the more desirable rear knob locking system and is designed for usage on contemporary guitars. This design requires an individual mounting hole location offset at approximately 7 O'clock or 5 O'clock depending on left or right-handed application (bass or treble side). Uses the common modern 25/64 in. (10mm) peg hole with a hex head type screw-in bushing and single mounting screw. This is a 3 + 3 set of tuning machines with all mounting hardware included.

 Important Specs and Dimensions:

String Post Overall Height = 1 3/64 in. 
String Thru Hole Ctr Height = 7/8 in. (22.3mm) 
String Post Diameter = 6mm 
Locking Feature = Knob on back of housing 
Gear Ratio = 19:1 
Peg Hole Requirement = 25/64 in. (10mm) 
Bushing Type = Screw-in Hex Head

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