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Tele 4 way harness
Tele 4 way harness
Top quality brand name parts for Fender, Gibson, Epiphone and many more.

My passion is guitar building, but age is starting to catch up with me, so I now concentrate on selling guitar parts and accessories. My philosophy is simple. I don’t carry a huge inventory, because, what I do sell, I want to control the quality and the service (good parts at a competitive price and shipped quickly)
I have been very careful not to outgrow my capabilities so that I can offer more personalized service and faster turnaround times on orders.

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I will still build quality wiring harnesses. In fact my Telecaster 4 way wiring harness is the number one selling Telecaster 4 way harness on the whole of Ebay with over 100 sold.
I may build a few things for myself for fun which might be later sold off on my website or EBay. So, thanks to all the buyers who have supported me over the years, and my regular clients whose guitars I have tweaked and/or repaired, it was a blast serving you!

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